Privacy Policy

Personal health information records and privacy

An accurate health history is important to provide you with the most efficient and beneficial treatment.

My privacy protocols comply with privacy legislation standards of the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario.

(CMTO) and the law

I agree to keep your information safe and secure.

The information I collect is required by the CMTO.

How I use your information

The information you provide enables me to develop the most appropriate massage for you.

Treatment plan for your condition

I collect and use your health information to treat you, consult with other health practitioners, to train students and as the law requires me to report.

Methods of storage, retention and destruction of your personal health records complies with existing privacy protection protocols.

Who has access to your information

You and your substitute decision maker.

Individuals working for health agencies such as CMTO who review my health record keeping methods.

For teaching and demonstration purposes on an anonymous basis.

Others if you agree to it.

As the law requires.

Your rights and choices

You or your substitute decision maker have the right to: see a copy of your health records, be informed of your health records if they are stolen or lost, change your mind if you have previously given permission to give out your information.

Patient consent

Health records are held in strict confidence. If a need to disclose the information on your health records arises apart from the ones listed above. I will obtain your written authorized consent before doing so.